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Exploring healing sound vibrations

Music is full of healing power. Bonte Lane uses voice, crystal singing bowls, Native American flute and drumming, and synthesizer to create sound scapes to enhance and promote personal transformation.



Bonte Lane incorporates playful vocal exploration, crystal singing bowls, chanting/singing/toning, Native American flute, and drumming to create sound scapes to explore the voice, meditation, and conscious movement. Bonte Lane also offers unique performance pieces suitable for all types of events.

Bonte Lane (aka Pam Rosenthal) is a current student of Silvia Nakkach and Jonathon Goldman studying the voice and the healing power of sound and music. Pam holds a BA in Music from Naropa University where she developed a
sounding practice using crystal singing bowls, overtone singing, and other vocal techniques to assist in personal transformation.

"Bonte" is a french word meaning kindness and "Lane" is a path or road, so Bonte Lane means Path of Kindness. Pam Rosenthal created Bonte Lane when she needed a DJ name for her KDNK radio show. At Naropa University in Boulder Pam hosted crystal singing bowl meditations and created unique performance pieces combining crystal bowls with synthesizer and rap lyrics. She also explored toning and overtone singing, hosting sounding sessions for fellow students.



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